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Energy Monitor – part 2

So, now I hopefully(!) have my cable which will give me access to the UART RX of the CC128 energy monitor. Time to try it out and begin processing some data with it!

Firstly, I go to the XMOS website and get the UART code and play around with it to create the UART code I want (RX only at the moment), compile it and give it a run.

But it's never that simple! All I get are null characters. Odd I think - so I recheck the wiring, recheck the code. All seems to be ok.


Energy Monitor – Part 1

Energy Monitor DisplayMy energy monitor arrived today! It's working well - I was slightly worried about how good the reception would be for the transmitter, but I am pleasantly surprised that even with the receiver 3 floors above the transmitter it seems to register a good signal.

But that's boring - time to start hacking!

So, first thing I need is the interface cable. The back of the unit has a handy RJ45 connector that has serial in it (see my initial energy monitoring post). This needs connecting to my XC-3 kit so that I can begin to get the data out of it. So time to get the soldering iron out!


Embedded Traffic Monitor

This is the initial release of the embedded traffic monitor which I implemented on an XMOS XC-3 development kit. It has a 256x32 VFD attached to it with a custom board that was designed from another application (hence the buttons/IR sensor you'll notice if you are observant). Full source code is available from the embedded traffic monitor sourceforge page.

More information and pictures after the break...